Pepper Hutchinson​​
Elite Companion

You can edit text on your Hello everyone this is my Proper etiquette page please read it all

In order to get the services of an Escort you must know how to discuss her services correctly.Escorts will NOT talk about SEX! If your Face to Face AND you ask about MONEY and SEX you can be sure she will leave or ask you to leave. Leave the "GIFT" on a dresser she will tell you prior to session what it is, Dont have her have to ask for it you will look like an amature or pretty stupid or she will think you are trying to rip her off,THEY ALWAYS GET PAID UP FRONT!! Be ready to give her your name, number, social media info , picture, so she can match & verify who you are if you dont trust her enough then look eleswhere. dont use a google number being paranoid is just a turn off... Last but not least be nice and respectful dont be rude or mean if you are be sure you will be black listed and put on to warn other Providers Also  and freshly shower, NO ONE LIKES any thats smells foul.. vice versa!!